I am an artist, an educator, cultural producer and critical thinker. As a socially engaged, visual artist, I produce work at the nexus of contemporary art and social action. I am committed to creativity, activism and social change. My artistic approach is born out of the inner voice of a critical thinker and my desire to bridge art with real life, communicate and, engage in conversation. I work my way through social issues through my art practice. This includes research, investigation while employing a wide range of media, including painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, installations, digital photography, sculpture and mural painting.


My interest in art began at a very young age, as a form of escapism. That interest evolved into various post-secondary studies in several institutions. My practice today can be traced to my upbringing and experiences as a trans-cultural kid, a multi-ethnic Cuban woman, an immigrant and an industrial worker raised in Miami. It's a city of extremes, with inequities that are evident, in income, education and jobs. It's this experience  of resilience, conflict, and otherness that have made it possible for me to identify with cross-cultural social issues.


I have kept a studio practice since 2004. The artist studio is a critical place for experimentation and research. An environment of constant discovery. A place for reflection and the exchange of ideas. It’s the place where things come together and important shifts and testing take place. The Bakehouse Art Center (2004-2009), ArtCenter/SouthFlorida (2009-2015), Laundromat Art Space (2015-2021), and more recently @ DVCAI -164 Studios, always working within a community of artist. For me, art is not a lone wolf endeavor, "You cannot make art in a vacuum." Social interaction and having a community that shares creative ideals helps fuel the creative process supporting each other and promoting a healthy and equitable community.


Since 2008, I balance my studio practice with my position as a museum educator. I am inspired and propelled in my own practice by my work as a teaching artist in a contemporary art museum. Through the discourse of my artistic practice, I continue to reaffirm my place in a larger community that transcends socially imposed geographical and ethnic borders. I use art as a tool to engage, to raise awareness, promote critical thinking,  build solidarity, and facilitate the construction of meaning by thinking about what each work proposes in an ever changing world.         


305 606 9241


164 NE 56 Street, Miami, FL 33137