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For centuries, artists have used their work as tools of protest in subtle and overt ways. In 2022, I am returning to an art medium I explored years ago. Exploring letterpress printing as a tool to create awareness, educate, build solidarity and inspire people to action.  I use this series as a way of critiquing power structures and proposing new ones, while asserting my identity and beliefs. ​

With this work, I am seeking ways of magnifying voices related to social justice issues inspired by the historical potential of the American Broadsides, Broadsheets, political posters and other printed ephemera. These 19” x 12.5” posters raise awareness about the Black lives lost to police killings of Briana Sykes, Kevin Matthews, Patrick Lyoya, James Lowery, and Jamal Rollins. They are among over 1,557 Black lives lost in the United States from 1979-to the present. This series is an outcome of the research for Rituals of Commemoration, which began in 2014. 

This work is possible thanks to an Artist Access Grant provided by Miami-Dade County Cultural Department of Cultural Affairs.

​In addition, letterpress printing has led me to explore digital graphics and broader grassroots struggles for justice.

Rituales de Conmemoración

Escultura publica

14 Bienal de La Habana, 2022

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